Bedford Accountants

Auto Enrollment

Auto Enrollment has been operating for several years now, and all new employers must apply a pension scheme as soon as they start to pay an employee.

For most small companies the well known and established pension companies are unlikely to be interested in administering such a scheme. For most of these companies the government backed "NEST" scheme is likely to be the most appropriate scheme (although not the only one available).

As we operate a payroll service we can also set up and administer a pension scheme, and ensure that our client's duties are met in a timely manner.

MTD for VAT (Making Tax Digital for VAT)

All VAT registered businesses over the VAT threshold must now keep their VAT records in a digital form, and submit each return using software that can capture this information.

For many smaller businesses learning how to use specialist software and having the time to enter all the information is a big problem.

HMRC are allowing such businesses to keep these records on Excel spreadsheets. In these cases we simply ask our client's to email us these spreadsheets and we file them with HMRC for only a nominal fee.

For the core complicated and bigger businesses we use software of Excell sheets after discussing with our clients what would be the most cost effective option.