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Auto Enrolment

Auto Enrolment has already begun for many larger companies, but for the majority of employers this will not happen untill 2016 and 2017.

Although this seems an age away, it is important to plan 18 months befiore your "staging date". You can find this on the Pensions Regulator website. SEE LINK BELOW

For most small companies the well known and established pension companies are unlikely to be intrerested in administering such a scheme. For most of these companies the government backed "NEST" sceme is likely to be the most appropriate scheme (although not the only one available).

These pension schemes can be administered directly by the employer, the payrol provider or by an accountant if they have been given authority by the employer.

As we already provide an RTI wages payroll service for our existing clients we will also provide this pension administration service.



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Auto Enrolment


Other small employer pension providers as an alternative to Nest are:

The Peoples Pension (operated for 30 years for employers in the construction industry.

NOW Pensions (operated for 45 years in Denmark).


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